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Fair Elections

4/2/14 · By Susan J. Bendor · Great Neck Record

As a long time Great Neck resident, I have watched both federal and state elections become much less honorable and controlled more and more by wealthy campaign donors and less and less by merit the public interest or democratic principles. We now have an opportunity to support Fair Elections and comprehensive campaign reform in New […]

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Reaction Roundup: SCOTUS campaign giving limits ruling

4/2/14 · By Celeste Katz · Daily News

The Supreme Court has issued a major ruling on campaign giving limits.  Reactions are flowing in fast to Wednesday’s landmark Supreme Court decision on campaign finance, which strikes down limits on overall giving to candidates, parties and PACs. In a split vote along ideological lines, the high court said donors can give the maximum amount to candidates […]

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N.Y. budget dips toe into reform

4/2/14 · By Editorial Board · The Journal News

As one reader commented on lohud’s Facebook page, “Election years are amazing!” That’s an appropriate first impression of the state’s 2014-15 budget that was passed on time for the fourth year in a row, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo only had to employ a “message of necessity” for a couple of straggling bills. While the four […]

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NY Disappoints on Campaign Finance Reform

4/1/14 · By Karin Kemp · Moyers & Company

The Working Families Party has called Albany’s failure to pass major campaign finance reform legislation, which would have provided public matching funds for small donations in all state races, a “lost opportunity to fix our broken political system.” “The reason we lost, at the end of the day, is that the governor did not meaningfully support his […]

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Editorial: State ethics panel must complete its work

4/1/14 · By Editorial Board · Poughkeepsie Journal

Under absolutely no circumstances should Gov. Andrew Cuomo dismantle a panel designed to root out public corruption in Albany. The work is too important — and the job is far from done. The governor has suggested that he would end the work of the so-called “Moreland Commission” if lawmakers approve a budget with tougher anti-bribery […]

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State budget on time, but off base on ethics reforms

4/1/14 · By ROC · Democrat & Chronicle

In shepherding the state’s fourth straight on-time spending plan through the Legislature this week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo deserves credit not only for enforcing fiscal discipline, but political discipline. The state’s budget process no longer drags months past the April 1 deadline, as it often did in the days of Govs. Paterson, Spitzer and Pataki. Timely […]

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Cuomo’s swing and miss

4/1/14 · By Editorial Board · Times Union

On the opening day of baseball season, which was also the last day of New York’s state fiscal year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislators managed to bring home a state budget without having to go into extra innings. We’ll leave to another day a thorough analysis of the on-time budget’s fiscal implications. But the budget […]

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A budget that does what Cuomo needs

3/31/14 · By Jimmy Vielkind · Capital New York

ALBANY—Of all the statements issued in support of the state budget agreement announced Saturday, the most valuable one for Governor Andrew Cuomo was the single paragraph from Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano. As the top Republican in a key suburban swing county, you’d think Mangano would find a reason to throw some mud—especially as his […]

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