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RELEASE: Alec Baldwin, Jason Alexander, Kathleen Turner, and Kathryn Erbe Call on the Legislature to Pass Fair Elections Reforms with Public Campaign Financing at Its Core

June 12, 2013 · by

In Videos, Celebrities Tell Legislators: “Don’t Come Home Without It”

Albany, NY – In separate videos released today, Alec Baldwin, Jason Alexander, Kathleen Turner, and Kathryn Erbe publicly joined voters from across the state in demanding action to fix Albany’s broken campaign finance system.

A day after Governor Cuomo released his comprehensive campaign finance reform proposal, Fair Elections for New York has upped its call for Governor Cuomo and the State Senate to root out corruption by passing comprehensive campaign finance reform legislation with publicly financed elections at the core.

“I’m Alec Baldwin with a message for politicians in New York,” said Baldwin in his video. “It’s time to stop talking about cleaning up Albany, and start doing it. Pass Fair Elections for New York, and don’t come home without it.”

“I can’t believe the stories I hear coming out of Albany today. State legislators patting each other down for wires…isn’t that embarrassing?” said Turner in her video. “It’s time Albany got cleaned up. I’m Kathleen Turner, saying pass Fair Elections for New York, and don’t come home without it.”

“I remember that old ad campaign, ‘I Love NY.’ Well I did, and I do. And that’s why I’m hoping Albany will get its act together and pass comprehensive campaign finance reform including small donor public financing,” said Alexander in his video. “It will set the trend for the whole country, which is exactly what New York should be doing. Then we can all say: we will always love New York. Don’t come home without it.”

“You have a chance to show us all that we don’t have to take Citizens United lying down,” said Erbe in her video. “Want to make citizens truly united? Pass Fair Elections, make history, and don’t come home without it.”

The videos are available at: Additional celebrities are expected to join the call to action in the coming days.

“Whether its New York City or Buffalo, everyday New Yorkers or famous celebrities, people across the state are demanding politicians in Albany pass legislation to raise the voices of everyday people in the political process,” said David Donnelly, Executive Director of Public Campaign Action Fund. “They should listen to Alec Baldwin, Kathleen Turner, and the 74 percent of New Yorkers in support of Fair Elections and get campaign reform done this session.”

A majority of New Yorkers in every region of the state support Fair Elections reforms, according to a recent Global Strategy/Mercury Research poll, which found that 74 percent of likely voters favor a comprehensive reform package that includes public campaign financing.

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