Coalition Applauds Gov. Cuomo’s National Leadership Fighting For Public Financing Of NYS Elections

Albany–The following statement can be attributed to Karen Scharff on behalf of the Fair Elections for New York coalition in response to today’s reports that Governor Andrew Cuomo will include the public financing of New York State elections in his budget proposal.

“By including public financing of elections in the budget, Governor Cuomo has demonstrated national leadership. The Governor is showing he is serious about cleaning up Albany and fixing our broken political system. Public financing is essential to changing Albany’s pay-to-play legal bribery culture and giving more power to the voters. As today’s Siena poll showed, nearly 2/3 of New Yorkers in every part of the state support real reforms that limit the size of fat-cat contributions and replacing them with small donations that are matched by public money. We applaud the Governor’s budget proposal as a major step in the right direction and urge the Legislature to follow his lead by passing it into law.

“With the anniversary of Citizens United falling this week, it is heartening that New York could be the first state to enact a practical response to the unchecked flood of big money into our political system.”