Public financing of elections would help curb corruption

It is a sad commentary on our state politics to see the litany of corruption in Albany described by the Moreland Commission preliminary report.

Now let’s do something about it – in particular, let’s have public financing of elections. Oh no, Brian Sampson and Dottie Gallagher-Cohen tell us in a recent Another Voice column. Leave things as they are. Let us continue to control those sleazy Albany politicians with payoffs by our wealthy corporations and we individual 1 percenters.

How much longer must we continue to buy into the arguments of these people whom the status quo serves so well? We have a model public financing law that is working well in New York City. We can turn things around in Albany by following the Moreland recommendation to adopt that model statewide.

MaryAnn Janicki

Healthcare Coordinating Council

Director, CWA District 1