Albany, NY – In response to Governor Cuomo’s State of the State address, the Fair Elections for New York campaign issued the this statement:

The needs of everyday New Yorkers won’t be the top priorities in Albany so long as CEO campaign contributors can determine who leads our government. We don’t need any more evidence to show that the money-obsessed culture in Albany corrupts the process.

We are glad that Governor Cuomo has included public funding of elections in his State of the State and his ethics reform plan as New Yorkers continue to wait for a real solution to the corrosive influence of big money.

Last year, Speaker Silver, Democratic Senate Leader Stewart-Cousins and IDC Leader Klein all put forth strong public funding of elections bills, as did the Governor. The Assembly passed the Speaker’s bill with more than votes than ever, and the Senate came close to passing Stewart-Cousins’ bill.

Now it’s time for our elected leaders in Albany to deliver by enacting the real reform that will finally return New York’s government to the people.