Fair Elections NOW! Where Do Your Elected Officials Stand?

A Majority of Assembly Members & Senators Are on the Record in Support of Public Financing of Elections. Will They Support Now, When It Matters?

NYS Senate and Assembly Fair Elections Support Scorecard (Click Here)

Check out the scorecard above to find out if your elected leaders have signed on to the letter calling on the Public Campaign Financing Commission to create a strong Fair Elections law and leave “fusion voting” alone and expressing support for legislative action if the Commission falls short. The letter just circulated on September 4 by some Members of the NYS Legislature (Niou, Salazar, Ramos, Cruz, Rosenthal). Please contact your representatives to make sure that they have seen the letter, and respectfully request that they sign-on.


Small donor public financing is the single best solution to limit the power of big money in politics and give everyday New Yorkers a real say in Albany. Because of huge grassroots pressure across the state, campaign finance reform became a top budget issue this year and Governor Cuomo, the Senate, and the Assembly formed a commission to outline New York’s small donor matching program by December 1st. With majorities in both chambers on the record in support of small donor public financing, there’s no excuse not to end the year with a strong small donor public financing program, through the commission and/or through legislative action. There’s no time to lose to ensure lawmakers who have supported passing small donor public financing in the past confirm their support by signing-on to this important letter!


Have your lawmakers committed to supporting small donor public financing? Check out the scorecards above to find out.

If an Elected Leader Has Not Yet This Year Pledged Support for Fair Elections

Step 1: Tweet your elected leaders and ask “We deserve #FairElections in NY! Will you commit to supporting small donor public financing and taking action to ensure we end the year with a strong program? YES or NO?”

Step 2: Contact your elected leaders directly. Click here to call them or click here to email them. Urge them to take action and sign-on to the letter to ensure New York ends the year with a strong small donor public financing program.

Step 3: Let us know how it goes. Email info@fairelectionsny.org if you think an update is needed to the scorecard..

If an Elected Leader Has Pledged Support for Fair Elections

Tweet them to thank them for standing up for Fair Elections: “Thank you for supporting #FairElections in NY! I’m counting on you to fight to pass a strong small donor public financing bill this year”